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Writs and EWOs

John A. DeMarr PI serves Writs of Execution, notices and lien documents to financial institutions, employers and third parties that may be holding funds for your judgment debtor. Our registered service of process specialists and lien agents serve levy writs in a fraction of the time ordinarily taken by overextended U.S. Federal Marshals and state sheriff’s departments.

We are experts at locating assets, including bank accounts, investment accounts, stocks and bonds held at brokerage houses, safe deposit boxes, employment, real property, automobiles, watercraft, business ownerships and much more.

Our writ specialists can assist with the preparation and service of the following writ instruments:

  • Bank levy against deposit, savings and investment accounts
  • Earnings withholding order (EWO)
  • Writs of Execution – real and personal property
  • Writs of Execution – receivable/till taps.

To make arrangements for our writ and levies services, please contact us at 833-4-DEMARR for a free consultation and quote. Or contact us using the convenient email form below.

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