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Trial Preparation

The private investigator’s job doesn’t end when he has completed his field assignment.

A private investigation is frequently undertaken on behalf of attorneys engaged in both criminal and civil cases. The investigator needs to work in tandem with counsel in order to provide the evidence necessary to win a case. At John A. DeMarr PI, we regularly work together with counsel as they prepare their cases for trial.

Some of our services that are of regular use to counsel during the preparation phase of a trial are:

We also have an expert service of process division that can serve even the most elusive subjects. We also prepare and serve subpoenas and writs, including those from out-of-state.

At John A. DeMarr PI we understand the specific needs of attorneys, and are able to tailor our investigations to meet those needs. We are aware of the laws governing evidence, and ensure that our investigations are conducted within the bounds of the law so that the resulting evidence will be admissible in court. Our team includes paralegals with investigative and legal training, who further facilitate our interaction with our attorney clients

We know that our job doesn’t end with collecting evidence. Our integrated private investigation firm is committed to helping our clients receive maximum benefit from our efforts by assisting their attorneys in nearly every way imaginable.

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