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Identity Theft

The rate of identity theft continues to soar. In 2015, the total number of identity theft cases in the United States was 12.7 million. In 2016, the number increased to 13.1 million, and the 2017 total is on pace to be even higher.

That means that close to 18.5% of American adults were victims of identity fraud in 2016.

Some instances of identity fraud have become so common that we barely give them a moment’s thought: who hasn’t had an episode of their credit cards being used by someone else online? Identity fraud is everywhere.

Many cases of identity fraud are far more severe and damaging than credit card hackings, the losses from which are usually absorbed by credit card companies. If someone gets hold of your social security number and date of birth, there is no end to what they can do fraudulently in your name. The financial aspects of identity theft are well known. What people don’t realize is that identity thieves can go so far as to use stolen identities to obtain employment and to deceive law enforcement authorities when arrested.

At John A. DeMarr PI, our identity theft services do not stop at tracking down identity thieves and recovering losses. We are also able to protect you from identity theft in the first place, using our background in computer forensics to anticipate what you are doing that identity thieves might prey upon. Our TSCM/ECM division can also work to protect you from threats to your computers’ security.

The Private Investigator: the Identity Theft Solution

So much of our lives is contained on computers and electronic devices, waiting to be hacked or phished or just plain stolen that there isn’t an American who isn’t at risk for identity thieves.

One means of protection is the private investigator. If you have had your identity stolen, he is your best resource for locating the thief – and for helping you to obtain redress once the culprit has been found. (As so much identity theft takes place online, the culprit is often tracked electronically, rather than by conventional surveillance methods.) Given the epidemic nature of identity theft today, local law enforcement may not have the resources to give your case the attention it requires; moreover, much identity theft crosses state lines (and even national boundaries),so that issues of jurisdiction can cloud official investigations.

A licensed private investigator is your best resource when you have been the victim of identity fraud – and, with our extensive experience in handling identity theft cases, John A. DeMarr PI is your best private investigator resource.

If you have been (or believe you have been) a victim of identity theft, contact us immediately, either by phone at 833-4-DEMARR , or by using the email form below:

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Protecting Yourself

Sometimes the exercise of common sense can help defend you against identity theft. At John A. DeMarr PI, we can provide extensive and sophisticated protection against the unscrupulous, but we can also offer you a set of fifteen simple tips that will make it harder for identity thieves to get their hands on vulnerable information:

  1. only do business with the most reputable companies;
  2. obtain credentials and references whenever possible;
  3. never give out more personal information than is necessary and beware of parties who ask for more of your information that you think is necessary;
  4. never give your social security number out over the phone;
  5. do not keep your social security number in your purse or wallet;
  6. keep all important paper records in a safe, secured place;
  7. never share your birth date or place of birth on social networking sites;
  8. keep secure data safe with passwords;
  9. keep records of your passwords in a safe, secured place;
  10. change your passwords frequently;
  11. check your financial information and bank statements regularly;
  12. refrain from using public Wi-Fi networks when performing business transactions on your computer or mobile device;
  13. be aware of who might be listening or watching when sharing information over the phone or when inputting your PIN;
  14. shred any documents that contain personal information; and
  15. never open email from unfamiliar senders.

Identity theft can happen to anyone. You should beware even of online services that claim to protect you from identity thieves: no one can give you the protection from identity thieves offered by a licensed private investigator.

If you are a victim, think you have been a victim, or wish not to be a victim of identity theft, call John A. DeMarr PI at 833-4-DEMARR . Our specialists are available to respond to any inquiries around the clock. We may also be contacted by email using the form above.

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Identity Theft – Free Consultation
Please fill out this form to contact us. We will reply within 24 hours.