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Private investigator John A. DeMarr, P.I., provides a host of services in the cryptocurrency sector, including traditional current electronic surveillance, security, consulting and analytic work; and also a broad new portfolio of services specific to the cryptocurrency space.

The important thing about the cryptocurrency boom is the speed at which this sector is growing. From early in 2017, we have completed multiple assignments in cryptosecurity, electronic counter-surveillance, and consulting on cryptocurrency security issues. We have staff specializing in research and analytics on new cryptocurrency offerings. As an outgrowth of that work, we have conducted due-diligence investigations on large and small cryptocurrency business entities, and we have conducted substantial research on initial coin offerings (ICOs).

We provide personal body security to high-net worth individuals, specializing in personal security for individuals carrying and/or transporting cold cryptocurrency wallets, and for professionals attending cryptocurrency conferences across the globe.

We continue to offer electronic security for high-net worth individuals, electronic sweeps, and deep background checks on principal actors behind these new cryptocurrency offerings.

Before, during and after: Much of this work sector has exploded very recently. While there is nothing new about due diligence checks (usually in conjunction with a pre-merger, or pre-litigation), the across-border exposure and new financial relationships frequently appearing in the cryptocurrency space. Frequently, this type of investigation comes down to safeguarding reputation. For a look at some of the considerations, see “Orange County Private Investigator Announces Add-on Security Services.

As part of the new, broadened service offerings, we are pleased to announce we now accept cryptocurrencies as payment for professional services. As part of the cryptocurrency community, we are also committed to payment for subcontractor services in cryptocoin as well.

John A. DeMarr, P.I., has provided consistently innovative process service and private investigation services over thirty years of experience in California, and across the globe – always reasonably priced, always within the bounds of law. Recently, our services have expanded to include cryptosecurity, counter-surveillance, and personal body security for high-net worth individual attendees at tech conferences.

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