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Asset Search: Basic

Our Basic Individual Asset Search and Basic Business Asset Search are typically used to evaluate the economic feasibility of proceeding with a legal action and/or to identify assets for potential seizure. These search reports may also be used to determine the creditworthiness of an individual or business, to assess a potential partner, to facilitate a merger or acquisition, or to decide whether a financial settlement should be accepted.

For nearly three decades, John A. DeMarr PI has been offering our clients some of the most comprehensive asset searches available. Our skilled team of investigators employs a search protocol we have developed to produce a report that is both thorough and accurate. Some may think that an asset search can be run by anyone with access to a computer, but the reality is that the services of a private investigator are required in order to form a correct picture of a subject’s holdings.

Our Basic Asset Searches report on the following:

  • Current Identification and Residential Information
  • Aliases
  • Address History
  • Employment
  • Professional License Search
  • City Business License Search
  • Real Estate and Personal Property Search
  • Intellectual Property Search
  • Unclaimed Property Search
  • Patent/Trademark Search
  • Department of Motor Vehicles – Vehicles
  • Watercraft Search
  • Aircraft Search
  • Corporate Records Search
  • Fictitious Business Name Filings Search
  • County Official Records/Recorder Search
  • Civil Court Records Search
  • Civil Court Records Search – Federal
  • Criminal Court Records Search
  • Sex Offender Registration Check
  • Judgments/Tax Liens Search
  • Uniform Commercial Code Filings
  • Bankruptcy Search
  • Internet/Social Media Search

If you require the search of a subject’s banking affiliations, please see our Extensive Asset Search page.

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Asset Search: Basic – Free Consultation
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