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Fire is one of the most devastating forces of nature. If you or your business has been the victim of a fire, you know all too well the kind of damage to property and even life that can result.

You may, however, not know how the fire started.

John A. DeMarr PI can help you find the answer.

Was the fire to your home or business truly an accident? While there are homes or businesses that get struck by lighting, most fires are the result of an identifiable manmade cause – a cause that can be used to determine liability. Although many fires are the cause of unforeseeable circumstances or carelessness, a very large number are the result of negligence. Some fires are the result of something worse than negligence:  8.9% of residential fires resulting in fatalities in 2014 were intentionally set.

If you are the victim of a fire, you owe it to yourself to determine the cause – and the best way to do that is to engage a private detective with a background in arson investigation. John A. DeMarr PI. is just such a firm: we have been investigating fires since we were founded in 1988, and have developed a unique investigative protocol to use in these cases.

We visit the site of the fire and collect and document forensic evidence, tracing where the fire started, and then following its path and fuel sources. Very often, these two questions – where did the fire start? and what was it that burned? – point us to the answer of HOW did the fire start?  We have developed a method of intensive examination of the point at which the fire originated, as past investigations have taught us that that is where the key to the mystery is usually to be found.

Forensic evidence is often the most important piece of the puzzle, but our fire and arson investigations also encompass witness testimony where available, as well as an examination of the factors surrounding the fire (such as, if arson is suspected, determining who would benefit from the fire.) Any investigation is like a jigsaw puzzle; the specific challenge of a fire or arson investigation is that the pieces of the puzzle consist of ash. It takes an investigator with experience and method to conduct a successful fire investigation. That is precisely what John A. DeMarr PI offers.

As licensed private investigators, our reports and expert testimony are fully admissible in court. With an eye to an eventual court case, we will present you with a rigorously constructed report of our complete findings, ready to be taken to an attorney to begin a case, or to be presented to a judge or jury for proceedings already in action.

Remember, though, that the forensic evidence in any fire is fragile, and that time is of the essence if an investigation is to be effective. Don’t hold off contacting us if you’ve been the victim of a fire. Although we have succeeded with fire investigations that began weeks after the fire, we do our best work when called to the site as soon as possible.

We understand how devastating a fire can be. We also understand that, where the causes of a fire are concerned, it’s better to know.

If you have been the victim of a fire, please contact us at 833-4-DEMARR , so that we may arrange a free consultation and provide you with a quote for our investigative services. Or, if you would prefer, use the email form below to contact us.

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